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Country Life
Aber Artro Hall, close to the scenic coast of North Wales. is a glorious Arts-and-Crafts period piece, lovingly brought back to life by its present owners.
“Came away inspired”
Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon in your garden last week.. We were especially grateful that you spent so much time with us. It will be very interesting to see your William Morris garden in a few years’ time, such an original idea. I think many people came away inspired, but we are a bit short of old tennis courts!
-O. H., Welsh Historic Gardens Trust
“Best trip ever”
We all enjoyed our escorted tour around the garden. Many of the features around your home were a wonderful bonus. The teas and delicious cakes ended what many of our members voted “the best trip ever”. Thank you both again.
-Morfa Hefyn Garden Club
“Enjoyed every minute”
How lucky Aber Artro is to have such wonderful and enthusiastic guardians. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you again.
- C. G., Halstead, Essex
“Which was my favourite?"
We thought your gardens were wonderful. It was hard to decide which was my favourite, possibly the Roman courtyard. Others decided on the vegetable garden and/or the terraces. Of course, without question, we were all impressed with the cold drinks at the end of our visit!
-F. D., Bangor, Co. Down
The Good Gardens Guide
A slightly tongue-in cheek walled Italian garden with a Gaudiesque pool reveals the present owners’ sense of humour while their sense of adventure is demonstrated by the nearby garden laid out like a sheet of William Morris wallpaper.
“Warm and cordial atmosphere”
The society members who visited you really enjoyed their afternoon at Aber Artro Hall. The relaxed and welcoming charm of you and your wife make a warm and cordial atmosphere.
-P.C., Cardiganshire Horticultural Society.
“Such a dramatic scene"
I think this second visit was more memorable than the first. The gardens were looking even more beautiful, with the river adding such a dramatic scene. The tea was quite delicious and I can’t tell you how enthusiastic everyone was about it all. It was regarded as one of our best “days out” ever.
-M.W. Ponterwyd Garden Club
“Set high Standards”
Your gardens looked magnificent - you certainly set high standards for the rest of us gardeners to follow
-C. & B. W,, Barmouth.
The most Amazing Gardens in Britain and Ireland
An intriguing garden in tune with its Arts and Crafts house… has fine views over woodland to Rhinog Fawr .