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William Morris Rose Garden

Eight rose beds cut out of an old tennis court follow the design of Morris’s “Tulip frieze” wallpaper. Surrounding trellises feature the flowers he used in other patterns: “Acanthus and Vine”, “Honeysuckle,” “Trellis” and “Sweet Briar”.

Italian courtyard garden

Mediterranean plants surround our unique elemental fountain in this secret garden. The fountain was built by sculptor Linda John from more than 100 fired ceramic sections and combines the five elements of Chinese philosophy - fire, water, earth, wood and metal.

Japanese garden

The world in one space, with the “borrowed” forest scenery at the top, our woodland further down, giving way to shrubs, mosses and flowers on the slopes and ending in a bogland garden. Beyond is the raked gravel “sea”.

Walled kitchen garden and fruit arbour

Our productive vegetable and cut flower garden with ornamental fruit enclosure built by local craftsmen.

The rock and pond garden

Paths lead up past a bubbling rill to the bluebell woods of the Woodland Trust (open to the public) and into our Japanese garden.

The terraced borders - perennials and round-the-world shrubs.

The top perennial border includes structural planting of hollies and roses. Below it is the shrub border, with plants from five continents.

Upper lawn and fountain

Mixed borders surround the garden front of the house, with a centre fountain and colour through the seasons.

Riverside walk

A shady path with the River Artro on one side and ponds, bamboos and ivy on the other. At the edge of the lawn are the tea rooms, originally a 400-year-old cottage and barn.

Staircase rockeries and Library bank

The library bank leads down from the house and leads on to the rockeries with a grand central staircase built by the second owner of the 1910 Arts & Crafts house, Mr R. T. Cooke.

Way of the Cross

Fourteen Stations of the Cross climb to a wooded Calvary. This new garden is being planted with shrubs and flowers intended to echo the events on Christ’s journey. Further planting suggestions welcome. We can happily arrange for prayers and reflections at each station on each Saturday in Lent.